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To bridge this gap, the government started rolling out a free internet service in 2013 using TV White Space technologies, initially to serve communities struck by destructive typhoons in the Visayas region.

The slow uptake of broadband internet in the country, and the consequent low internet penetration, is largely due to steep subscription fees.

“But we do come across drunkorexia in the work we do with young people, even if they don’t call it that.

The Philippines held a general election on May 9, 2016.

Knight continued: “Drunkorexia appears to have evolved from the need for young girls to meet possibly the two most prominent social norms for young adults - drinking and thinness.” At home in the UK, Emma Healey, spokesperson for eating disorders charity Beat, has previously said: “Someone who skips a meal to drink isn’t necessarily going to become an anorexic, but it’s obviously highly unhealthy and if people are vulnerable it could be a high risk behaviour.” Speaking to alcohol awareness charity, Drinkaware, Healey continued: “We always groan when the media starts talking about the latest ‘orexias’.

Outgoing President Benigno Aquino III signed Republic Act 10667 or the Philippine Competition Act after 25 years stalled in Congress.

One of two pending bills that promoted internet freedom—the Magna Carta for Internet Freedom, was absorbed into the latter, losing many of its strongest provisions.

The second, a Crowdsourcing Act which encourages citizens to participate in the legislative process, was stalled in Congress.

Over 200 libel cases had been filed under the law by August 2015, though none involving legitimate speech were resulted in criminal detention during the coverage period.

At the height of election campaigns in early 2016, satirical memes about candidates were widely shared online.

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Law lecturer, Laura Hoyano, insisted those who wish to study law “have to deal with things that are difficult." She told the site: “We can’t remove sexual offences from the criminal law syllabus Another academic said it was “really regrettable” the move had been introduced at the institution.

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